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  WorkSoft Navigator
WorkSoft Navigator is alternative file manager for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2k/XP. WorkSoft Navigator has graphical interface with two file panels and combinations of key like Norton Commander. It allows optimal to control hundreds and thousand files and folders on your hard and removable drives. You can copy, move, delete, view and find files, folders, but also set and change attributes and descriptions for files and folders, pack files and folders and unpack packed files with WorkSoft Navigator. WorkSoft Navigator is integrated with Windows and supports Drag and Drop file operations, deletion to Windows Recycled and Explorer file menu.


Whats new
1. Overlay icon for shortcuts and shared objects added
2. Copying NTFS rights added.
3. File list filling is optimized.
4. Rreview any files, exclude binary with IE core added.
5. Spanish interface language added.

Features of WorkSoft Navigator:
1. File operations:
   Copy (F5), supports background execution.
   Move (F6), supports background execution.
   Delete (F8), supports background execution and deletion to Recycled. Deletion to Recycled by Mask.
   Make folder (F7).
   Make file (Shift+F4).
   View with internal viewer. Internal viewer supports following file formats: ASCII, BMP, WFM, EMF, PCX, ICO, JPG, JPEG, GIF, JIF, DIB, RLE, TGA, HTML (required Internet Explorer 4.0 and later), and also binary files.
   Find files by mask, date changed, size and attributes.
   Set and change file attributes.
   Set and change description for files and folders.
   Pack files and directories (Alt+F5). Now supports: ZIP, CAB, TAR, RAR, ARJ.
   Unpack fpacked files (Alt+F9). Now supports: ZIP, CAB, TAR, RAR, ARJ.
   Supports addition new packer modules on base external packers.
2. Support Drag and Drop.
3. Customizable user interface. Customizable color theme, which may be saved. Customizable file colors.
4. Customizable user applications, user can customize application menu for his needs.
5. Multilanguage support. Now is available: English, Russian, Slovak, Szech, Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Spanish.
6. Windows file menu.
7. Supports Windows Clipboard file operation such as Copy, Cut and Paste.
8. Quick file and folder viewer.
9. Minimize to system tray.
10. Support WindowsXP themes.
11. Support UNC paths. You can working with UNC paths in the same way as with local directories. For example, You can view \\server\sharedir directory if You execute "cd \\server\sharedir" or select direcory in Go to dialog (Go to menu).

   Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP or later.
   Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.
   Windows Common Control library version 4.71 or later. This library is part of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and available as a separate download from the Microsoft web site or here.

PlugIn libraries:
File name
Size System library version information
226 Kb System information
210 Kb Split and combine files
181 Kb AutoRun Manager
238 Kb

Download: version 0.985 and addional languages files here.


You can send your opinion, wishes and information about program errors to

    Copyright (C) 2004 Dmitry Udalov
    Design and coding by Dmitry Udalov.